Annual Maintenance Contract

Water-Mate always strives to ensure a clean, hygienic and clear swimming pool for clients. To achieve the target, we utilize our expertise of making a proper chemical balance in the pool and taking out all the existing dirt, filth and muck. The entire process is done systematically with great care and commitment to reach to the intended target.

All this work is done under Annual Maintenance Contract where a systematic, methodical and stretched-out method is involved. Our task does not restrict only to managing the level of chemicals in the pool, it goes way beyond. Our experienced team frequently tests the pool water to discern the required solutions.

Similarly, we use proper filtration system and management of water circulation under the maintenance task. Furthermore, the task involves array of important activities, including surface brushing, surface cleaning, pool vacuuming and filter cleaning.

We have high level of technical skills to undertake these maintenance tasks. Our expertise is not restricted by the shape, size and water volume of the pool. We have a special price for annual maintenance.

Consultancy (waterxperts)

Water-Mate is committed to offer highest standard of services and solutions for swimming pools. Not only we provide complete swimming pool solutions but also consult clients to help them fulfill their cherished dreams. Our team of experts guides, informs and consults clients so that their swimming pool tasks are completed in desired way.

Our consultancy stretches to cases and clients where we have not delivered any service or solution. Most of consultancy cases at us involve suggestions regarding the chemical balance and water filtering of the pool. Being the expert, we give proper and adequate advice to ensure a clean and crystal clean swimming pool.

Our aim is to ensure that the clients get value for the money spent. For us, swimming pool is not only a project or assignment but an experience that gives identity and stature to the places of installation. Our consultancy is a testimony of our vision to enable a fully functional and hygienic pool to spread joy.

Swimming Pool Repair

Routine wear and tear impacts swimming pools in the way as it does anywhere else. With regular usage, any pool starts to look a bit shabby and disorderly. Filters, pumps and valves etc start to perform less optimally as they do when new. At one stage, the requirement of repairing looks a necessity.

We, at Poolxperts, are skilled at swimming pool repair to benefit clients. Whether its partial or complete repair, we’re good at anything asked of us. Our vast experience ensures that the repairing services bring newness to the pool. A series of activities are involved in the entire repair process to bring about desired results.

The repair task is quite meticulous where our technicians put their expertise at work. From Re-Waterproofing to Grouting, from Servicing of Filtration Plant to Replacement of Filtration Plant – the tasks at hand are specialized and we’re master of that.

Swimming Pool Renovation

As time passes, it becomes quite natural to explore the options of renovating the swimming pool. The reasons could be many, nothing more prominent that giving a slight “touch up” and a “new feel” to the pool. The nature of renovation may vary according to the existing situation and conditions of the structure.

In some cases, owners look to remodel the surface of the pool while in others, some new luxury features are planned to be added. Rather than going for complete renovation, few aim to get some subtle changes done to bring on the desired results. At times, the pool appears a bit outdated, slightly weary or jaded.

The reasons could be anything but the desire to renovate the pool is universal one. We, at Poolxperts, are aware of the changing trends in the domain and ensure to enrich the clients with our contemporary approach. Our team of experts and technicians know the inside out of renovation work, which promises either a partial or total remodeling of the swimming pool.

With us, rest assured of a complete and high quality swimming pool renovation service. Trust us to exceed your tastes and requirements in a cost that suits your budget.

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